Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware

The basics of seasoning cast iron cookware is clean off the iron thoroughly, cover it with a thin layer of good quality flaxseed oil, rub all the oil off and bake it at high temperature for an hour. The process of oiling, removing and baking needs to be repeated 6 times to create a non-stick(…)

Unknown Error 0x21c4 on Add-Computer

The SID of your new machine matches a promoted DC. You need to sysprep that machine.

Nobody learns. Nobody.

Watching Bankers from the BBC is an eye-opening experience. One of the guests is the journalist who first stumbled into the Enron scandal and an important voice in Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room. Asking her to comment on this issue is like making her watch history repeat itself.

More Ideas From The Distant Past

Cue ghostly moaning. Or not. Today’s new-to-me idea is one of the early posts that helped kick off the Old School Revolution of D&D games. It’s a very entertaining and interesting rant on why easily-achieved fun is bad.

Adventures in GAMFY

I came across this setting scoring system from the creator of Vornheim today. The only thing missing is an idea of what a good ZakScore actually is. Obviously a higher pre-price adjustment score is better, but if someone has a book and wants to price it, where do they aim?

Skill Atoms For Thinking Skills

I’ve been thinking about how to use game mechanics to help people learn how to improve their self talk and emotional health. Right now, I’m a bit stuck on that and looking for inspiration.

Talk About What You Want, Not What You Don’t.

This thought was kicked off by reading A Gamer’s Manifesto. The first think I noticed is that “I reject” starts every point. The whole post could easily be paraphrased as You Are Playing Wrong!.

Addressing a Letter To A Company

It sounds like a silly question and frankly it is. It comes up because there are very few things I need to handle by letter and ending a rental agreement is one of them.

Troubles with Trackpads

All I wanted to do was enable classic trackpad behaviorĀ for Linux Mint 12 on my HP Mini. It shouldn’t be that hard. Once I got to the info I wanted, it wasn’t.

Shelley by Helen Edmunson

Two of my friends and I took a small risk on this production at Nottingham Playhouse last night. It was well worth it.